Dogs learn regardless of the direction we give them. They are sentient beings with a deep and rich inner life. As such they are able to engage with the world and learn from the environment they live in with an astonishing degree of acumen. If we choose to be a part of their education there are effective and efficient ways of doing this that will teach us as much (if not more) about ourselves as it will our dog.

“Fred Zorn is a brilliant dog trainer. He understands both the dogs and humans so much and he bridges the two worlds for people. As a first time dog owner, Fred made having a well behaved dog doable.”

-Melissa S.

“When I asked my vet about a dog trainer she told me the best trainer she knew was Fred Zorn. Fred worked wonders with our new Golden Retriever puppy. The exercises he showed us have put us back in control and have helped our new puppy. I would highly recommend him!”

-Jackie S.

“Fred is patient with both dogs and owners (especially owners). He is knowledgeable, caring and created a trusting bond with my pup that allows for easier training. Moreso, he has helped us keep what might otherwise have been an unkeepable dog. I couldn’t recommend Fred more!”

-Steve B.

“Fred is the best trainer! He is most humane and deeply cares for each dog! My dog Mary was dog aggressive, a pit, mostly from fear. He desensitized her to different environments and integrated her into his walking pack. She enjoyed weekly socialization walks with them for over a year and then she got adopted! She was a longtime foster I had who could not find a home, so she stayed. Fred got her to the point where she was easily adopted and is happy in her new home and they love her very much! I am a behaviorist and also a trainer and I recommend Fred! He has also been a mentor!”

-Ann Marie B.