Positive reinforcement is my prefered course of action and is well recognized as the best way to engage a dog.


How does your house smell just a few days after bringing home a puppy? If you answered “not good” then why not give me a call and I can help you navigate the puppy pad training process.


Are you getting yanked all over the place? Or maybe your dog refuses to go to the bathroom on your walk? Well it doesn’t need to be this way. I can teach you six or seven very specific exercises that will make your walks an easy and calm affair.

Dog Carting

Some dogs are pullers and giving them some way to express their natural talent for such behavior can be the best way to exercise their mind as well as their bodies. Getting your dog carting is a slow process but can be very rewarding for you and you dog.

Heres a list of other things we can do

  1. Targeting
  2. Engagement
  3. Nosework
  4. Puzzle work
  5. Hike work
  6. Puppy parkour
  7. Socialization
  8. Bike/Board Jor
  9. Behavior Work
  10. Tricks


I do one on one training with you, any members of your household and your pooch or pooches, for one hour via Zoom or any other video chat platform that is available to you. For this I charge seventy-five dollars. In order to schedule an appointment and receive a free consultation and evaluation please call 347-693-3238 between 9am and noon any weekday. I am starting to do some in person training in certain cases. However, I have found that this format of virtual training has it’s advantages as the dog is more likely to learn good dog training from you, while I act as your coach.